The critical applicant, the spouse, including dependent children up until the age of 28, may acquire European citizenship, which may pass on to the coming generations. cyprus passport by investment even acknowledges dual citizenship, and there is no need for candidates to renounce their existing nationality. Cypriot people do have the freedom to stay and work in any of these 28 EU countries, even have educational opportunities and health care systems across all participating countries.

Furthermore, applicants for Cyprus Citizenship through Investment Program were not required to live physically in Cyprus to acquire and retain their citizenship. That ensures that successful applicants are not required to stay permanently in Cyprus and also that property investment for residential usage could be used as a family holiday home or even as a rental for tourists to the country. About the versatility and stability provided by Citizenship through Investment Planning, Cyprus passport by investment citizenship gives applicants the best experience.
Investment options include:
• Purchase of such a residential property with a fixed investment sum of EUR 2 million, to be kept for a minimum term of 3 years. The investment should also include a fixed personal residence priced at EUR 500,000, plus VAT; OR.
• Provide a fixed Cyprus passport by investment for just a fixed sum of EUR 2,5 million to be kept for at least three years. This investment option involves a permanent residence priced at EUR 500,000 plus VAT. That remaining sum of EUR 2 million could make utilizing one or a mixture of the following options:
Invest in real estate or construction projects by buying or constructing buildings, including homes, commercial, or other construction projects; government bonds up to a limit value of EUR 500,000; buy, establish or participate in enterprises or companies based in Cyprus and employing at least five Cypriot citizens. Although spending millions in return for Cypriot citizenship may seem too costly for some, successful applicants are getting what they are paying.



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