When you think of having a pet, you feel happy from inside and in reality, these pets make your life even more joyful and satisfied when you own them. But emotional service dogs are different from service dogs, specially trained for specific situations like providing emotional support. In some countries, pet animals are considered important and are granted special laws for their safety and security. For these reasons, the government has made some rules and regulations that one has to follow before they are legally allowed to adopt an emotional support dog. And inclusive of this is the requirement of the ESA letter. With this service animal letter, one can own a pet even of their landowners don’t allow a pet. In some countries, these pets are known as an emotional support animal.

Why does one need an emotional support animal?
People who are emotionally unwell, under depression, anxiety or face social issues sometimes have a problem recovering on their own. They need the helping hands of pets to get out of the trauma they are in. Pets being the dopamine boosters act as the recovery aid, and they have a paw to hold when they feel alone. And as said pets are better friends than human beings, for people who need their support feel this in reality. So the service animal letter gives you the government’s permitted right to keep such a pet with you. But there are some good allowance that most of the organization allows: travel allowance for the pet if you have proper documentation and by informing the travel organization 48 hours before the journey.
Points to keep in mind while getting an ESA letter
Before applying, you must check that the An ESA letter provider must have a registered firm and is a legal identity with an established history. Mental health professionals must only issue them. Various fraud companies are there who sell the ESA letters online at much higher rates. You must check all the details before making a purchase decision.



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