Asif Ali Gohar famous reaserch papers

Asif Ali Gohar function is also Associated with Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology as well as the National Heart Disease Institute and a number of other locations

1. Effects of Various levels of Water Soluble NPK (20-20-20) Fertilizers on Carrot Development and Produce (Daucus Carota l.) with Drip Irrigation Technology
2. Aortic Aneurysm: a certain reason behind Ortner Syndrome
3. Synovial Heart sarcoma
4. Double flap VSD Patch closure along with an increase of vascular resistance: AFIC / NIHD knowledge.

Vascular Resistance: familiarity with AFIC / NIHD-Determination of days of morbidity & departure in cases of the ventricular septal defect (VSD) through decreased pulmonary vascular resistance Asif Ali gohar (PVR) with double flap patch closing. The design of Research:

Case sequence

He also Failed a excellent study in Immunology Endarterectomy of Severe Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease To assess the consequence of Coronary Endarterectomy (CE) in men undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) operation, despite post operative mortality including morbidity, angina relief, and 1-year survival. There was arrangement of cases. Cardiac Surgery Division, Cardiology Institute of the Armed Forces and the National Institute of Heart Diseases, Rawalpindi, from Jan 2003 — Nov 2005. Those patients using certain diffuse CAD that traditional bypass grafting wasn’t viable were included from this analysis. People who have a disease-ridden coronary artery that provides akinetic myocardium and to poor left knee feature (ejection fraction<30%) associated with serious chronic hepatic illness or impaired liver function evaluations, permanent severe immune deficiency condition were exempted. All patients are tracked for a mean length of 1 year with healing & morbidity evaluation, angina relaxation, and postoperative mortality.

So the participation of Asif Ali Gohar in numerous research papers is huge and difficult to say all. His function at the society attempts to put light and always would be enormous.