While deciding which one you should choose to create the countertop between granite and quartz, you may feel confused. There are plenty of advantages of using granite countertops near me or quartz countertops.
Both of the materials have great colors, textures, and benefits to provide. But there are significant differences too. In this article, we will talk about a few cons of using granite countertops. Make sure to go through this guide, to make a good decision.

 Expensive
Among other countertop materials, granite is not the most suitable one, when it comes to maintaining the budget. Sometimes it can be very costly for a homeowner. As it is one of the most long-lasting countertops so in case of saving a few bucks, you can decide to use granite tile instead of the slab.
 Proper sealing
Remember, no matter what, granite needs to be sealed properly. The sealing process is quite easy. You can hire a professional to do that and he will show you the process. But after that, it’s you who has to do this at least once or twice a year by yourself. To make sure that your granite countertop lasts for a long time.
 Common design
These granite countertops were not the common product among house owners a few years ago. But in recent times, granite kitchen countertops have become the most familiar design in the US.
 You need professional help to install
You will always need to hire a professional to install a granite countertop. It will cost you a few bucks. If you choose other materials like countertops, chances are you can install them by yourself. So that’s another disadvantage of using granite.
 It can break
Though a granite product rarely cracks if it is installed properly. But it happens. Only if something very big falls into it or you are not careful while using this countertop.

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